Egypt was one of the lowest, filthiest places in the world. Here we are on Pesach night and Hashem wants me to place my heart and mind back into Egypt? Okay, so maybe some of us in our own way are stuck in Egypt in one way or another. But the Tzaddikim, why do they have to go down into such depths?

So you know what Hashem is saying here. You once were slaves in the lowest place in the world but you know what, I went down there with you so you were never alone. Take just this night and lets go down there together just once more. I want to remind you that no matter how far you have fallen, I will always be there when you call to Me!

Hashem is saying to the Tzaddikim, I know you don't belong there in the depths but nor do our holy brethren and I. If I have to go, so do you. Its not enough for you to fulfill all the commandments while your fellow Jews are stuck in the abyss. Come with me this night and let us go together and lift them out.

Even the sweet little yiddalah that doesn't know who Moses was. He drinks, one kos, a second kos, a third and forth of wine. As he sits and reads the Hagadah, which leads him out of Egypt, out of the darkness of this world, he is transformed. One is Hashem, one is Hashem, one is Hashem, in the heaven and the earth. Who knows two, I know two... For tonight, there is no darkness, no more Egypt, no more Television, materialism, depression, sickness... just.. One is Hashem.

When midnight arrives, we eat the afikomen. You know what Hashem is telling us? If you trust in me, you will receive all that your heart desires. Food and blessing comes completely from emunah, trust in Hashem. You know why the children hide the afikomen? It represents the fact that we are hiding from Hashem but you know what happens when we return? Our father embraces us and gives us a gift. But father, I just hid from you and stole the neshamah that was yours? Delighted that we have returned to Him, He says, "Forget the past my son, the main thing is that we are together now!"

"Return to Me and I will return to you. I only I, am your Consoler. Now let us begin Hallel!" (Malakhi 3:7)